Yunnie's Hawaii Favorites on the Island of Oahu

Yunnie's Hawaii Favorites on the Island of Oahu

(updated August 2022)

Hawaii has always been mine and my families happy place. We do all the things we love to do as a family; surf, swim in the ocean, hike, forest bathe and EAT!!! Before any trip I research all of the local food spots of where we are traveling. This list is compiled from years of visiting Oahu. We often crave a lot of the food from these places when we are back home and count down the days until we are able to feast on them again. Hope some of these places become your favorites too!

Mitch’s Sushi This is always a first stop directly from the airport. Everyone is always starving and this is less than 10 minutes from Daniel Inouye International. If we take an evening flight, this is also a great last meal before getting to the airport.

Bubbies homemade Ice Cream and Mochi ice cream, need I say more?!?

North Shore:

Sunrise Shack Great for Acai bowls on the way to beach. 

Farm to Barn Healthy Breakfast and brunch items like acai, juices, breakfast burrito and avocado toast. This is a great grab and go spot for beach food.

Haleiwa Bowls I love the Blue Cloud Smoothie and every acai bowl on the menu at this adorable little beach shack. An added bonus that they are plastic free and you can purchase handmade little coco bowls as a fun souvenir.

Poke for the People Love this place for the variety of topping they offer for the poke bowls. This is a great lunch or snack item to take on your beach or waterfall excursion. I bring a little backpack cooler and throw the bowls in to keep them nice and fresh. 

Ted’s Bakery I could never pick one dessert that is the best from this place, they are ALL amazing. Get a few different slices and take one bite of each flavor to experience the joy that is Ted’s!!! They offer plate lunches too but I really think the dessert is where it’s at!

Kahuku Farms if you want super healthy and light fare like wraps, smoothies, acai bowls, this is the place for you. 


Market Island Snow This is one of the few shave ice places that has dye free options! 

Farmers Market There is a Sunday morning market that has a variety of prepared foods as well as produce. The macadamia nut sticky buns from Baker Dudes, honey slushies from Wicked Hi Slush and crispy rice musubi were all standouts. There is also an afternoon/evening market from 4-7pm in Kailua Town that is fun and like the Sunday market has prepared food options as well as produce.

Kono’s My kids ask for the Kalua pork breakfast burrito from this place all year long. Great item to grab and take to a beach picnic.

Kalapawai Market great for sandwiches, snacks and drinks.

Sunrise Shack There are a few of these all over the island and they are all amazing. They have a variety of Bulletproof coffee options, bowls, avocado toast and juices. 

Island Snow I love that this place offers dye free shave ice flavors. Our favorites are lilikoi, pineapple and mango but you really can't go wrong with any of them. Connected to the shave ice shop is great shopping for t-shirts and board shirts.
Habachi this place is set up like a deli with an amazing selection of poke and marinated meat that they grill to order. Our favorites include, shoyu poke over rice and boneless bbq kalbi. From the deli section, must haves are furikake chips, lobster dip and lilikoi cheesecake.
Cinnamons cute neighborhood breakfast spot known for their pancakes and mac nut cinnamon roll.
Chadlou's Coffee Roasters all the coffee is delicious but my personal favorite is the macadamia nut iced latte.
Cafe Kopi Great pastries and laksa aka Singaporean noodle soup.


Honolulu/ Diamond Head

I-naba traditional Japanese soba and tempura spot that is open for lunch and dinner but closes between so make sure to check the hours. I loved the cold soba with ikura and uni over rice. I was also able to steal a bite of Greg's shrimp tempura and it had the perfect amount of batter to shrimp ratio!
Musubi Cafe Iyasume there are multiple locations, look up what is closest to you. Musubi are the perfect beach snack, we loaded up on these regularly for our day trips up to North Shore. I am obsessed with their mentaiko pasta but keep ion mind, it sells out before 1:00.
House Without a Key this is one of the restaurants at the Halekulani Hotel. Call ahead and book a night that they have music and hula to watch while eating pupu's.
These are all sit down restaurants that will likely need reservations before you arrive. 
  • Yakitori Hachibei
  • Shabuya
  • Tonkatsu Tamafuji
  • Sushi Muruyama
  • The Pig and the Lady
  • Bozu Japanese Food
  • Sushi Iakaya Gaku
  • Helena’s
  • Highway International 

Grab and go:

Maguro Bros There are 2 locations, I suggest the Honolulu location. People start lining up before it opens so be prepared to wait if you aren’t going to line up 30 minutes before it opens.

Dessert and Coffee:

Kono Coffee Purveryors Some of the most delicious coffee I have ever had, not just on the island but anywhere. They close by 3:00 so make it an early morning stop.

Leonards There are a few mobile Leonards around the island and they are all as good as the original location. Worth the wait for a freshly made malasada. I go for the vanilla or coconut filling every time. 

Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha This is our favorite shave ice on the island. They make fresh Mochi and make their syrups in house. The lilikoi is the BEST!

Double 3 Ice Cream When I tell you these things are ginormous, that is no exaggeration. Go with a hefty dessert appetite or go home!

Brug Japanese style bakery I like to grab a handful of things to stick in our hotel room fridge for snacks.     


Tamura’s Fine Wine and Poke There is a huge selection of spirits and wine and tucked away in the back is a poke deli with quite the selection. 

Tamashiro Poke is fresh and this is a full blown fish market so if you are renting a house and want fresh fish, this is a great place to get both.

Ono Seafood I love the spicy and the shoyu ahi poke but if octopus is your thing I would definitely go for the tako, that’s Cruzie’s favorite.

Foodland This is the chain grocery store all around the island. If you happen to be staying close to one or drive by, run in and grab some poke, it is delicious.