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Kimchi Avocado Nachos Recipe by Yunnie Kim


We are definitely a family that loves watching football. We also love food. So naturally, Super Bowl Sunday is an exciting day for all of us. I’ve made different things over the years but what is ALWAYS on the menu is nachos. This year’s nachos I added an Asian twist and I know they will get devoured quickly.

This fun finger food is great way to bring the entire family together! The kids love helping to make the nachos, as much as they enjoy eating them. I like to use chicken thighs because they are a little fattier than white meat and won’t dry out when cooking.

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Hi, I'm Yunnie Kim!

I’m a lover of food (making it, eating it, sharing it), daughter of Korean immigrants, a wife and mother of two sons, who grew up in Southern California and literally married the boy next door. 

At a young age, I realized the impact that delicious, home-cooked food has. Growing up with two immigrant parents, I watched my mom and dad work hard every day and yet always came home to make a beautiful meal for us to share as a family.

When I was young, I brought a plate of piping hot Korean-Style Beef I had made to the table. The expression of comfort, happiness and utter satisfaction on my father’s face made a lasting impression on me that I’ll never forget.

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